Here at Toxic Habits we are committed to your privacy. However, there are things that you need to know.

First of all, we will only collect information from you that is required to provide the service we provide. If you wish to sign up for one of the free newsletters, we will need your email address and your first name. Well, you can skip the name part if you really want to. If you purchase a product from us we’ll need information about that as well so that we can get paid, deliver the product and ensure that our government gets their cut if needed (sorry Canadians, but you’ll be required to pay GST or HST depending on the province).

Speaking of purchases, we use secure payment processors to take care of the financial bits. When you order, PayPal (or other payment processors that we may add in the future) will be the only ones who see your credit card information. We don’t see it at all. At some point we may add our own payment processor, but for now we deal strictly with well known and trusted 3rd party processors.

There are also 3rd parties involved, such as advertisers and affiliate programs. They may collect some information from you and set up cookies in your browser. While cookies are relatively harmless, it is possible for a malicious site to glean some information from them. It is up to you whether you want to keep them enabled, but some functions of the sites may not work without them.

Finally, we do have statistical tracking turned on in order to be able to see how well our sites are working at meeting your needs. This information is kept securely and helps us to see which parts of our sites are doing their job and which parts need some tweaking.

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