Introducing Toxic Habits

Toxic Habits - Breaking Bad Habits - Building Good HabitsYou’ve heard the expression “out with the bad, in with the good.”

Well, that’s what Toxic Habits is all about.

Hi. I’m Bill Nickerson (aka LoneWolf or LoneWolfMuskoka) and I’m the founder of Toxic Habits. This is a network of sites that is dedicated to helping you learn to break bad habits and build good habits.

Bad habits (or as I call them, toxic habits) develop over time and start to rob us of health. Not just physically, but in all areas of our lives — emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially and financially. These habits can develop out of overindulgence of something good, compensation for weakness or disability or sheer laziness.

With this site I intend to explore and share ideas for not only breaking bad habits, but also creating healthy habits that help us achieve our dreams.

The main site here is and will be the general hub of the network. There is an eStore here as well as news and informative articles. I’ll try to make them entertaining as well.

There will also be sub-sites that revolve around a specific topic. For example, the first sub-site is and deals with one of my own nemeses.

I’m hoping that you’ll join me and share you trials and successes. You can do that through comments on the various posts. Or you can email me at You can even submit your own articles if you’d like. I’ll eventually put up a “Guest Posting Guidelines” page, but for now just email me with your ideas.

Thanks for dropping by and come back soon!

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